Find my Record

Can’t find the record that you seek? We can!

Particularly for popular titles & artists as opposed to more obscure LPs.

As we begin the arduous task of processing 65,000 records (no exaggeration, 65,000 records have now been purchased for this store) sometimes our ability to immediately ‘put hands’ on a particular LP may be somewhat impaired in the early stages of stocking our new store.

However, our ‘BOLO’ program (‘be on the look-out for’) works quite well if you are not in a hurry.

We would be glad to add your information to our ‘BOLO’ list if you like. There’s no obligation and we send you pics & price info for your consideration when your LP pops up.

When that happens, we will notify you via email or text message. We will hold the LP for up to 1 week if you respond with 48 hours. If there is no response, it will be added to the floor bins with the other ‘just added’ stock after 2 days.

There’s no risk to you and history has shown that Patrick has had great success with bringing record lovers together with the LPs that they seek. Particularly rock selections.

Should you track down your LP in the meanwhile, that’s no problem at all. Just disregard the digital notification when it comes.

To be added to our BOLO search list, just fill out the information fields below.


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