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1201 E Riverside Dr. Evansville IN

Space Monkey is considering bringing our unique brand of music media retailing to a 2nd location on Evansville’s east side. It won’t be easy, but maybe you can help us track down our perfect location. We seek to lease or purchase a retail space, building or small strip center with good traffic, good parking, high ceilings and a price that doesn’t break the bank. Since budget is an issue, it’s unlikely that we will pop up on Burkhardt Rd but the Green River Rd south area or some other 2nd or 3rd generation retail east side area might be a fit.

The ideal storefront will have ‘character’ and potential to showcase Space Monkey’s ‘over the top’ merchandising in a space with at least 6000 sq or thereabouts. If you have location ideas for my consideration email Patrick Holl at patrytimeBIGfun@hotmail.com

All inquiries & discussions will be held in the strictest of confidence

Rock Out on our new Radio Station

CHECK IT OUT – IT’S FREE! 2 ways to get there – Go directly to SpaceMonkeyRadio.com (& push play) -OR- download the Live 365 mobile AP & search for Space Monkey Radio

Space Monkey Records.


Don’t try to second guess someone’s musical taste!
A gift certificate from Space Monkey guarantees it will be their 1st choice because

THEY PICK IT OUT! Available in any denomination you choose over $20.



Peruse Space Monkey’s most rare, the hardest to find & the most sought after vinyl that we offer by typing in our new ‘CollectorLPs.com’ domain address. This transports online customers directly to ‘THE BEST STUFF’ in our vault. Just know in advance that this portal bypasses thousands of more reasonably priced albums landing you directly in the vault.
With prices starting at $100, this is probably not for the casual collector, but if you are like me, it’s always fun to ogle at the fruit that’s just a bit out of reach. Shop Space Monkey Records online 24/7

When we don’t have customers in our store, we are always working to be better stocked, better organized & even more entertaining. With so much of our focus on all that is rock, it took a couple years for our soundtracks to get off the the floor & into a presentable location. Thanks for your patience.

Our new Director of Programming takes a victory lap after being named as Space Monkey Radio’s top exectutive. Check out ‘Cosmic Cletus’ on the Live 365 mobile app OR SpaceMonkeyRadio.com

With a little help from Space Monkey, Santa brought Scott Crane a pair of tickets to see Carlos Santana appearing April 13th, 2022 at the Ford Center. Couldn’t happen to a better dude !!! Congrats Scott from your friends at

SIMPLY THE BEST WE HAVE TO OFFER! When visiting Space Monkey’s online store at http://www.recordgroove.net, be sure to check out ‘The Vault’ page. Tour a very unique collection of rare promo records, UK copies & many sealed original pressings. This portion of our online store showcases a collection of rare & hard to find LPs that can be incredibly difficult to track down & rarely appear on the vinyl market.
Space Monkey Records turntable slip mats have just landed. Like our record crates, our premium quality custom slip mats are ‘over built’ featuring a heavier 21oz mat (rather than the industry standard weighing 16 oz).
Our new turntable ‘swag’ features 33, 45 and 78 rpm timing rings for perfect rotation synchronization.
Last but certainly not least, featuring the proud Space Monkey logo and company name.
You can buy it on ebay for $30 but better yet, you can buy it in our store for $24 -OR- Get it FREE with any turntable over $100.
Greg D is the man to watch!
Watch the quality & the quantity of our record stock inventory grow at all of our vendor mall locations.
Our man Greg D has been hard at work filling in thousands of additional LPs at our off site boutiques.
Look for changes, additions & improvements at all of our vendor mall locations including the addition of record supply
products as well! Greg D is just too fast to catch on his tri-state route but is easier to track down on any Saturday noon to 5 pm at the Space Monkey mother ship at 1201 E Riverside Dr in Evansville.

PS…. Greg has total access to the nearly 250,000 records, tapes & CDs at Space Monkey. Therefore, he has a pretty good shot at tracking down any LP that you may be trying to find.

The Art Gallery at Space Monkey Records is coming!
Space Monkey seeks a person with high level framing skills to help create our Space Monkey Framed Art, Music Under Glass product line. It will feature an extensive line of high quality, heavily matted, shadow box framed art featuring rocks most prestigious music media & memorabilia artifacts. We (of course) supply all media & related articles to be displayed including our custom branded placard. We wish to strike a rewarding & profitable business arrangement for both parties. Perhaps the person we are looking for has retired from this type of full time work, dose such activities on the side or has production capabilities at a home workspace.
The first order pieces will be a variety of sizes but the style & complexity would most often be similar to the picture examples shown. Although a qualified local person (in the Evansville area) would be desirable, our travels do take us to Louisville quite frequently.
Once a prototype piece is created & excepted, we are prepared to start with an initial order of 10 to 14 pieces. We hope to build an ongoing relationship for replacement of stock sold. If this sounds like it might be a fit for you, please contact Patrick or Meredith at Space Monkey. Or better yet, if you’re local, just stop by & introduce yourself.
Congrates to Brad Devine. Brad was the ticket drawn in our lastest concert ticket give-a-way.

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Can’t find the record that you seek? We can!

Yep, we can track it down for you! Particularly for more popular Rock & Pop titles & artists (as opposed to more obscure LPs)

The never ending task of processing 200,000 records (no exaggeration, 200,000 records have now been purchased for this store since we opened in 2019) sometimes our ability to immediately ‘put hands’ on a particular LP may be somewhat impaired as we process a tsunami of record stock in our ever expanding showroom.

However, our ‘BOLO’ program (‘be on the look-out for’) works quite well if you are not in a hurry.

We would be glad to add your information to our ‘BOLO’ list if you like. There’s no obligation and we send you pics & price info for your consideration when your LP pops up.

When that happens, we will notify you via email or text message. We will hold the LP for up to 1 week if you respond with 48 hours. If there is no response, it will be added to the floor bins with the other ‘just added’ stock after 2 days.

There’s no risk to you and history has shown that Patrick has had great success with bringing record lovers together with the LPs that they seek. Particularly rock selections.

Should you track down your LP in the meanwhile, that’s no problem at all. Just disregard the digital notification when it comes.

To be added to our BOLO search list, just fill out the information fields below.

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Click on the THINGS WE BUY icon above for a complete list of what we look for.

If you have records you would like to sell, please watch the short video below.


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